So many admiring glances and raised in welcome hands I’ve ever seen! In Moscow, a Ural with a sidecar attracts such attention, why not dignify even a self-propelled tub with strippers in and playing the balalaika with bears. Why, then, nobody buys it?

He was born in Germany in the late 30’s as the BMW R71. Shortly before the war was copied by Soviet engineers at the Moscow motor plant (MMZ), but as the Germans approached the capital, the production was evacuated to Irbit, where it is called the M72, the motorcycle had already begun to collect in series.

Restored the original BMW R71, in my opinion, looks better than the Urals

I remember the Irbit motorcycles at school — one was such an unshakable pedestal on the first floor of the Department store next door with a deli and a significant cost 1800 rubles! Moreover, the Urals, unlike cars, are sold freely, without a decade of lines — a sort of socialist ersatz machine for those who dared to dream of personal transport.

Good old oppozit air cooling has not fundamentally changed — except that is equipped with fuel injection and electronic ignition

After the collapse of Soviet Irbit factory grieved troubled times: once, the company employed more than ten thousand people, now — a little over a hundred. But the Ural is still available! The power of the boxer engine raised from 36 to 41 HP, fuel injection system — entirely components from Bosch and Delphi, and here the Sachs dampers, Brembo disc brakes (in a circle, including the sidecar) electronic ignition Ducati Energia alternator Denso, Yuasa battery, Marzocchi steering damper (model 2018 used Bitubo), spark plugs and wires NGK, gears and shafts Herzog, bearings SKF…

• Adjustable preload Sachs shock absorbers rather dense even in the most comfortable position
• The steering damper on the Ural with the possibility of change efforts? Yes, it’s factory equipment

And that remains our own, Russian? Chassis, body strollers, crankcase, rims and spokes, heavy furniture (footboard, foot gear shift and rear), cardan shafts… no Wonder there is such a Ural about 800 thousand rubles.

And how come?

Ergonomics still come from pre-war Germany: sticking to the sides of the cylinder almost no space for legs. Pull on bottoms tractor: tachometer motorcycle has not got, but the highest, i.e. the fourth, the gear is already working with 40 km/h. However, the engine still sour at the slightest uphill: easy to carry camera curb weight 365 kg.

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