For this sprint test pre-series Logan Stepway literally kidnapped from the Moscow Renault plant! But we had a chance to see a recalibrated CVT Jatco JF015E in conjunction with Nissan HR16 engine (1.6 l, 114 HP), he Н4М classification Renault. And we are doubly interesting, because the same powertrain is now experiencing vazovtsy — with an eye on what next year will get them, Vesta! And while that „auto“ Vest Cross wazowski motor 1.8 (122 HP) and „robot“ AMT-2. Deuce points to the new configuration, including the so-called creeping mode. It’s a pity that for this comparison we were not able to get the cross-a sedan with the AMT (found only with the „mechanics“). But the third and not excessive was the universal SW Vesta Cross a „robot“. A bit crooked, but still!

Wait a second, Logan Stepway? Not Sandero?

That Is Logan! Renault followed in the footsteps of vazovtsev and after the Sandero hatchback decided to lift the sedan. How much? Our prototype in this sense is not significant (here „intermediate, „“technological“ version of the suspension), but in the terms of reference means the ground clearance is 195 mm for versions with the „mechanics“ and „automatic“ and 170 mm for cars with a CVT. For comparison, the sedans and station wagons Vesta Cross, regardless of the type of transmission have an actual ground clearance of 198 mm.

However, clarification of off-road and other relationships leave till October, when will appear the serial Stepway Logan. Meantime we can say that imitation mikolasko lock using the brakes at the lady realized better: ditch with diagonal hanging Vesta overcomes confident.

At Vesta more ground clearance, an imitation of cross-axle locks are more effective and the majority of real obstacles, including curbs, Lada overcomes confident. But a 40-percent incline Renault stormed casually, but „robot“ Frets burning grip that can withstand in this mode, only one start in the mountain

On the pavement Lada nicer. No matter how conjured in Renault’s suspension, but because of a number of architectural limitations of the platform B0 upcoming Logan Stepway is unlikely to please the same handling as gambling Vesta Cross. But the chance to win on the ride there for sure.

In the meantime — the battle of the „two pedal drive“ concepts!

As part of the „iron“ wazowski automated manual AMT-2 is no different from the old: the whole point in the new firmware. Now the communication with the robot easier thanks to the „crawling mode“ (Creep mode). To sit in traffic and Park in about the same way as with the usual „automatic“. Let go of the brake and Vesta creeps forward in first gear at a speed of 7 km/h, and on the back — 5 km/h. At the start, alas, runs vibration: robot is moving, using minimal engine revs. By the way, it is because of this feature, the firmware of the AMT-2 is not suitable Veste 1.6: „small“ motor is lacking torque. With the problem, by the way, already faced office engaged in chip-tuning: simple „perezalivka“ new firmware 1.6 in the West gives poor results — the car hadn stalls. But Grant all went like clockwork: she’s at the odd hundredweight lighter Vesta and traction for a smooth start is quite enough.

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