Not so long ago in our nation’s capital had announced the launch of a batch of buses, which will run near the exhibition center and the first time on a free basis to transport Muscovites and guests of the city. However, not everything went as smoothly as planned by the organizers of the project.

The mayor decided to personally check out the new transport and invited the public to use the miracle of technology. In fact already for a long time the officials of the capital, assured the public in the prospects of the project and the need to introduce electric buses into use. The end of the month they will free ride, so everyone was able to personally evaluate all the advantages of sustainable transport.

However, the visit of the mayor of the city was a failure. Not having driven one stop from the bus „stalled“ motor. Motorists know that the motor just can’t stall, and it means that there was some breakage. In any case, moving on a transport was not able to. So far, the organizers of the project do not report what happened to urban transport.

In the near future in the capital will operate about a hundred such buses, the first of which will join the transport for flight 73.

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