Soon the market will do a new crossover under the marketing name of the Renault Kwid. And just yesterday in the network published the first official photos of this car.

Note, the first model took to the Indian and Brazilian markets about two years ago. Updated configuration differs from the current version of the modified radiator grille, as well as the original protective plates on the doors.

In the interior of the car is also changed. The cabin now is an innovative multimedia system that will satisfy the needs of any motorist. Complement the interior luxury chrome handles on the doors, center armrest in the back seat, and upgraded seat upholstery and rear view camera with static markup of the road.

As regards the technical characteristics, under the bonnet there will be engines with a volume of 0.8 liter and 1.0, the output of which is 54 and 68 horsepower. To operate the power units will be paired with a transmission on the five steps of the automatic or mechanical type. The cost of new items will be very affordable, prices start from 245 000.

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