— Guys, I love this shot! — praise in the morning our photographer Dima.

Indeed, so vivid the flashes of the Northern lights I do not remember even the natives. And we with Andrey Moss all slept with ustatku. After a week on the slopes Swedish landfill Arctiс Falls we need to test 22 set of winter tyres! But in the final Protocol there are 21 model of dimension 205/55 R16. Why? Now tell.

How is the selection of tires for our comparative tests? Before testing, we sent requests bus companies to provide one or two sets. And since the tests are conducted at the end of the winter season — this year in mid-March, some firms already have production-ready new models. We are happy to take — in the fall to present to our readers information about these tires. But reserve the right to verify its authenticity is to conduct what is called a doping test. This year also had to resort to check — and no wonder.

The tests we carried out on one of the seven test areas of the site Arctic Falls: here on an area of about five hectares compactly laid everything you need for the winter tyre tests of the track

In the list of participants 13 our test of studded and non-studded nine models. The bias in favor of spikes, no seeds due to statistics, because more than 70 percent of Russian drivers choose „nails“. In this class, hot new Korean tires Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2 and Japanese Yokohama iceGuard iG65. And those and others went on the „Scandinavian“ way of development — increased the number of spines on the successful models of Continental IceContact 2 and Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9. But where are the new Michelin model X-Ice North 4, which also has markedly grown spikes? Alas, these tyres we refused to provide, and we have not found them.

The ice is very capricious coating. To obtain objective results, the measurement cycle must be repeated several times

There are among the newcomers and those that have chosen the traditional number of thorns — 115-130 pieces on 16-inch tire. This is a Japanese model Toyo Observe Ice-Freezer, Firestone Cruiser Ice 7 and China-Singapore GT Radial IcePro 3, and missing in the final Protocol of the Russian tires Cordiant Snow Cross 2.

On ice and snow measurements on each set of tires performed for 12-16 times. Asphalt races in two times less: the coating is more stable

In the non-studded class, the main intrigue — duel of the novelties of the Continental VikingContact 7 and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3. Maybe their argument will intervene with fresh Asian model — Yokohama iceGuard iG60 and Hankook Winter i*cept iZ2? By the way, here on Swedish ground Arctic Falls (in translation from English „Arctic falls“), the company Bridgestone and Yokohama rent a site for their winter testing.

Departure (protrusion of thorns on the surface of the tread) is the most important parameter for winter tires. If it is less than a millimeter, the tires probably fail on the ice

Well, we had to come to Sweden twice. The first time we stayed a week, squeezer entire testing program on snow and ice. And then, in April, to just clean the ice roads conducted measurements braking on wet and dry pavement — and appreciated the acoustic comfort and smoothness. Well and then, using a traditional transfer system results in points, summed up.

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