„Where’s the firewood? — Out of the woods, certainly!“ And what will we carry? August was rich in timber theme: in the Arkhangelsk region hosted the championship, „the Lumberjack of the XXI century“, and the Finns created an unprecedented timber — hybrid and the 900-strong!

Last year we talked about the fact that a small Finnish firm Sisu demonstrated the concept of hybrid power plant where the truck is driven by a diesel engine, and part of the energy is stored in supercapacitors: they power the electric motor that assists the diesel at peak times. Then we thought that it was another dream about the future — but no: the Finns have implemented a drive like this, and where? Properly, the timber, which is famous for Sisu!

Nine axles and 900 HP — it looks like a hitch with a hybrid truck Sisu

It is equipped with 630-HP Caterpillar diesel engine (Sisu has long offered it as an option), manual transmission Eaton Fuller electric motor and Visedo, the Finnish production. However, if the Finns initially declared total power of 1140 HP and the utter torque (over 5000 Nm), the actual maximum is about 900 HP and 3600 Nm. But more road car and don’t need — otherwise the transmission can break! Even for the 76-ton and devotional coupling (operation such officially permitted in Finland) this will be enough to spare.

On / off switch electric motor mounted directly at the knob of the gear lever. If the driver feels that it „lacks power“, he clicks this button and a 630-horsepower machine is transformed into a 900-strong. Of this dream to many truckers! In this hybrid setting will help start a diesel in cold weather — just using the electric motor and supercapacitors. It is also reported that Sisu are planning to sell every tenth truck in a hybrid version. Price, of course, is not known, but it is unlikely that these monsters will buy EN masse.

Well, in the Arkhangelsk province, meanwhile, passed the championship „Lumberjack of the XXI century“, in which I visited. He became more representative: the number of teams has passed for half a century. Fifteen hundred participants competed in five disciplines (manipulators, forwarders, harvesters, loaders and excavators) for prizes — new cars, ATVs and snowmobiles. Lesovskikh neatly folded manipulators log cabins, was the Tetris of the big cubes.

Such events are not very dynamic, but this time they were even slower: the price of failure is very high, so the athletes were in no hurry. Because viewers (who are mostly other participants) was a bit hot, boring, and by the need to prepare for the performance.

Experienced manipulatrice „play Tetris“ — the problem is simple

But on the field, which displays the technique was! This is the first Scania from the new model range, which recently came to our country. Both shows instance XT series heavy duty — four-wheel drive, 500-strong, blocking all differentials and spring suspension. Devotional front axle, rear bogie is designed for a load of 32 tons, can accommodate two tank 840 liters of diesel fuel. Gearbox according to customers ‚ request 12-step „mechanics“. I wonder when will disappear distrust of our buyers to „robots“ on the trucks?

New Scania XT heavy duty — now in the role of the truck

Another active participant of the show has become a MAN: among the familiar cars were and one distinctive. Three-axle tractor TGS allocated angular boxes under construction bumper. Here is the way of the exhaust, as the fuel tanks? The other: new radiator D2676 diesel engines became more and peeking out from the bottom. And it took the rough design — to avoid damage on forest roads.

And yet, the impression that the domestic big factories are not interested in the timber segment! The Urals on the show was not at all, MAZ and KAMAZ presents the only production copies arrived from the local dealers. And the timber from them is not advanced: for example, ground and stand-conic MAZ steel, while the foreign machines they have long been aluminum. Here it loses market…

But came the MAZ-MAN with a manipulator Palfinger-velmas (plant velmas from the Great Onion belongs to Palfinger). And Scania, which stood — the European equivalent of Palfinger Epsilon. And what is interesting: the characteristics of these devices are identical, many of the units are identical. But the price manipulator European production more than three million, and Russian is two times cheaper, 1 million 480 thousand rubles. And here, perhaps, it makes sense to save, especially as a good truck with a manipulator is the three field artillery tractor.

Another domestic „forest“ trend is the increase in the total mass of the trucks, both legal and not. On the one hand, commercial forest is located farther from roads — and that means that when the supply to the asphalt you can not observe the traffic regulations. But many carriers as we’ve seen, and on the road go with a wild Overdrive. Someone is still going!

Forwarders from John Deere new generation rotary cabin: when loading and unloading it can be deployed ago

Officially registered „champion“ of recent months in the same Arkhangelsk region, on the highway M8 — timber hitch with a MAN truck, which is 24 times drove through the automatic scales with the average exceeding in gross vehicle weight (44 tonnes) in 51% and 14 July was recorded the weight of the coupling 80 t or more. According to Rodomontading, the potential penalty is 12 million…

On the second place in the ranking of the breakers on the highway M8 — also a timber hitch MAN (was a maximum of 74 tonnes, a potential fine of 10 million), only slightly behind the same Mercedes (of 60 tons, a fine of 7 million rubles) and the old KAMAZ (57,75 t, fine — 5.5 million).

But if there is demand for the Overdrive, is born and offer. For example, Chelyabinsk Politrans brought the trailer with a thick frame and three axles on the gable busbars. Its capacity with air suspension — 48 t, and the same trailer spring suspension can carry almost 60 t

The a semi-trailer, Politrans — dream lovers overload: passport you can load up to 60 t

And then there are two options: either to establish total control weight, or to build roads with the same quality as in Finland, and legally to lift the full weight of the timber. First, as we already know, is impossible. And the second?

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