I have rode the new BMW X5, but before October 1 have no right to talk about how he is going. But I can talk about everything else. Besides, to describe the driving nature of „IKS-fifth“, all I need is two or three sentences, but to understand and comprehend what and why happened to the crossover generation G05 is drawn to a course of lectures on futurology. However, I will try to stay within a short training manual.

— Are you crazy? How could you throw away appliances?!

I was going to cry, I was going to wave your hands and maybe even drag someone by the lapels. Someone too smart and too progressive. Some young adventurer, who had leaked on the top floor of the headquarters of BMW and all of it has snowed. Powdered and convinced that instead of the traditional devices at a BMW should be this ugly LCD panel.

I went for a test drive of the new X5 in Atlanta, you’re going to find this guy and poke his nose in Chery Tiggo 2 with almost the same her. But found Johan Kistler, Director of projects X5, X6, X7, and the current fifth series. Kistler 61, and in the BMW it works for exactly two-thirds of his life.

How is it, Johan?

— Do — calmly began to explain Kistler.

The new X5 not only gone classical instruments, he is also the nostrils had fused, but there is a pneumatic suspension, has brakes „on the wire“, the autopilot and the new BMW OS 7.0 operating system. This is the first BMW that won’t start until it’s done updating, software. And the first one that can recognize the owner’s mobile phone, to search and pay for Parking, to drive away the robbers, and independently to pull over if the driver suddenly becomes ill. But don’t call it a smartphone on wheels, because BMW is launching not just a car gadget, but a whole social and transport ecosystem in which each user will have an account ID BMW, and the BMW will try on the role of Apple.

And traditions… In the modern history of BMW was and the transition to the turbo, and the introduction of front-wheel drive and a monocab, the three-cylinder engines, and many other things non-traditional. And after talking with the creators of the new X5 I’m in Atlanta, I only became stronger in thought that BMW actually honors only one tradition is to break tradition in the name of revolutions. In this respect, the new X5 fundamentally traditional revolution he staged at least seven.

1. The arrows don’t belong here

„Traditional instruments prevented us to move into the future“ — Johan Kistler and his associates explained the rejection of the usual dials. Allegedly, the clients wanted new experiences from the cockpit of the BMW. Although the engineers found that: just that — bring to marketers and market research. But I especially right before the trip to Atlanta a few days riding around Moscow in a BMW X5 the outgoing generation (series F15) — and don’t know what else want these customers. „Hybrid“ plate of the real scale and color displays are almost standard. What’s not to like?

However, for the visionaries project X5 even LCD the devices have the new „seven“ and „five“ is an archaism, because the dials to prevent graphics occupy the whole screen. Their favorite word is „customization“. So have 12.3 inch, orange boomerangs scales on the perimeter and a large card in the center. The whole right side — custom and customizable, it is possible to output any data, and the tachometer is no longer a permanent residence permit.

And are instruments of crossover Chery Tiggo 2 (aka Tiggo 3X), which was released in the spring of 2016. In such cases we say that great minds think alike, right?

It is possible, probably, to represent a imitation of the usual scales with the ability to reduce them or to push, but then the devices would look like as VW and Audi, so BMW went their own way. Over time, they promise to add panel alternative patterns of devices, but still available in one view — the same for X5, Z4 Roadster, coupé eighth series, and most subsequent models of BMW.

I was hoping to see in the eyes of beaverkill at least sadness, because the tradition of cracking under the pressure of fashion, but I saw the pride and courage. No regrets: they stepped into the future and live under the control of the system BMW OS 7.0.

New X5 together with BMW 850i (both will hit the market in November) will be the first vehicles with operating sheath BMW OS 7.0. The name iDrive was only the washer controller (it works as before), and the whole system is no longer iDrive, namely the „axis“. The parallel with Apple products is not accidental, despite the fact that the development of BMW has worked with the firm Microsoft.

Visible differences from the „Idrisov“ design and speed. Menu on the center touchscreen is no longer tied to the carousel main sections, and repeats the interface of laptop or iPad with several pages of „desktop“ with scattered tiles of widgets. Tables can be a maximum of ten, and widgets on each, from two to four. On the tiles information is displayed in „live“, then there is no need to go to the „weather“ to see the current summary: it is shown directly on the tile from the desktop.

For 17 years, iDrive has experienced an impressive evolution. Parallels with personal electronics rush far beyond the borders of design: automotive OSes are trying to be as complete instruments digital life with access to personal information, online accounts and credit cards

The sections „music“, „NAV“, „link“, „vehicle settings“ and „apps“ there are permanent icons at the left of the display, and all other tiles as you like to scatter across the desktop. And if you do not see the tiles, the BMW Store, it is only a matter of time.

Program Office 365, and Skype is already sewn into the shell, because BMW and Microsoft have partnered since the output current of the five. But BMW’s ambitions extend further cooperation with the IT-giants: the carmaker wants to become an IT giant.

Those who have this phone, you know how difficult it is to get off this „needle“, because the operating systems of iPhones and MacBook stored images of a device in iCloud, and when you buy a new gadget, simply enter your Apple ID and transfer all content, data, purchases, and settings from your old device to your new device. And then even more new. And so on to infinity, because the transition to a different platform means that all the acquired and accumulated in the Apple ID will be lost.

Key X5 may be a smartphone owner, but so far only in the case if it is not called the iPhone. To negotiate with Apple about access to her NFС-chips have not yet succeeded. But the Androids will be able to access and share digital car key with other users, such as friends or relatives. And shared app BMW Connected App gives remote access not only to the locks, lights and climate control, but also to the cameras of the circular review. A suspicious public in the car you can scare the horn

So the X5 will soon also be BMW ID — login to the cloud Mobility Open Cloud running on Microsoft Azure platform. And whether you are buying a new BMW, take it to car-sharing, rental or from a friend — the cloud you know and quickly load a personal configuration BMW OS. And there, of course, will be not only desktop settings, but also purchased apps and services.

So far, except for Office programs and Skype, services, weather and traffic X5 promises the ability to control the car with your mobile phone, you have to open locks, turn on the air conditioner or to observe the environment using the cameras of the circular review. Plus advice Concierge service through the call center. And in addition, now you can update the OS without a visit to the dealer — it is true that each update completely disables the car for about 15 minutes.

Upgrading OSes is exactly as with the smartphone: the owner simply downloads the file with the new software, and then selects a convenient time to reboot. The car at this time falls into hibernation and will not even turn on the ignition

In March 2019 BMW will launch its own virtual assistant like Siri or Alice. And later, when BMW ID will work at full, the account driver you can bind search services and pay Parking lots, toll roads, car sharing, and many other products e-Commerce.

Why is BMW doing this? In the press materials there is such a passage: BMW helps the driver to cope with the extra chores to free up time for something really important — driving fun.

Beautiful words, but the X5 is already capable of release and driving.

3. Drive „by-wire“

Platform CLAR in the new X5 is the most prepared for Autonomous movement „truck“ BMW. In addition to active steering X5 appeared driven rear wheels, as in „seven“, and for the first time on a BMW — brake system DSCi without physical connection of the pedal with the hydraulic circuit. All the driver feels is the impact of the Electromechanical loading mechanism, and the stock master cylinder is moved by the servo.

Today the X5, like many competitors, is able to move independently on its lane at speeds up to 60 km/h, completely stop and start the flow. The driver should keep hands on the wheel, otherwise the spokes will begin to blink alarming lights and autopilot disconnect. However, if the driver becomes bad, you can pull the key Electromechanical Parking brake — X5 and then turn on the hazard lights and begin to automatically brake to a complete stop either on your lane or if traffic allows, with the simultaneous changeover to the right hand side.

For the „horizons“ in this case, the answer 12 sonar, two radars, four cameras of the circular review, one long chamber below the windshield and another camera on the dashboard that monitors the status of the driver.

In December, the X5 will begin offering an optional tablet for rear passengers and third row seats c electrically foldable. In seven-seater version of the sofa of the second row also appears the servo folding backrest and pillow travel back and forth. Basic sofa five-seater X5 devoid of even mechanical adjustment tilt

However, the most interesting and useful abilities of Autonomous X5 is the assistant to movement in reverse, which always remembers the last 50 meters passed and ready at any moment to reproduce this path in reverse order. Will see how it works in life, when October 1, over the period of the embargo on the video version of the test drive. For now, just imagine that night you left the car in the very cramped and dark corner of the yard, but your wife in the morning to go out, only need to push one button, then the X5 itself „rewind back“ all the maneuvers that led him to a Parking spot.

4. Ground — to-air

The X5 project had three main driving challenges — to improve the comfort, maneuverability and sportiness compared to its predecessor. To solve the first two problems had to return to the pneumatic suspension of all wheels, which was on X5 series E53, but for machines of the series E70 and F15 have been simplified to the two rear pneumocylinders that support the horizontal position of the body.

In the normal position of the suspension clearance is the same as the base machines with springs, — 214 mm, in the Parking lot it can be reduced by 40 mm. But on the go the lowest position of the body — 194 mm (suspension is lowered automatically after 138 km/h). And the high — 284 mm

It is the „Pneumatics“ and driven rear wheels demanded from BMW new rear suspension — c five levers instead of four. Front left dvorachek, but pneumococci can now be installed there.

How it helped the comfort — I will not say. Wait until the first of October. But BMW keeps secret the fact that the rigidity of the pneumocylinders is less than that of steel springs.

And pneumococci has allowed BMW to get closer to this SUV, at least for accessibility. Because the transition in the upper position of the body of the base clearance value grows 214 mm and 254 mm, and if the electronics sees a risk to sit on the belly, the body can short to get it up another 30 mm! Total — 284 mm. with Dignity. Although xDrive four-wheel drive kept the mechanism with multi-plate clutch that connects the front wheels and complements this scheme only the rear differential with an electronically locking.

Sportiness? Responsible for an electronically dampers. They are „in the database“ any X5 because this is the only way to make a big car on a soft „pneuma“ assembled. How? More about that in October.

5. Nostrils and buttons

A real revolution in the design of the BMW has not happened yet. Just look at the last software concept cars from Munich, who have neither separate the nostrils, no bending of Hofmeister, and you will say thank you for the new X5 at least keep a jumper wire between the sections of its radiator grille. Feeds have changed stronger, so we’ll have to get used to the new signature pattern of the rear lights, something like a Mercedes, or Kia. Still, the most unexpected change on the inside.

Oddly young BMW X5 series F15, car 2006, it has issued the smallest details like the fleshy buttons sticking out from the spokes of the steering wheel and door panels. Now all such fittings are smoothed and fitted to each other with minimal gaps. And washer iDrive joystick and the „machine“ on expensive versions decorated with crystals „Swarovski under“. They say it’s very fashionable.

And yet BMW thinks of fashion the return-button climate control. What was wrong with the round handle, it is unclear, but now instead of a small shiny keys and a couple of screens pestering me.

Until then, until the new BMW X5 M, the most athletic and the most expensive (although not the most powerful) in the line of cars G05 will remain X5 M50d. He has a three-litre diesel with four turbochargers, 400 HP, 760 Nm of torque and acceleration to 100 km/h in 5.2 with the passport. But this diesel is almost impossible to get to sound as hard as it pulls, so on X5 system used active zvukozapisi.

Inside and out!

During the presentation of the BMW is not focused on this, however M50d soundtrack of the exhaust being broadcast not only the dynamics of the stereo in the cabin, but additional speakers that are installed in the rear bumper to enhance the exhaust sound, audible witnesses to disperse. The nozzles themselves it is real, no props. By the way, the digital sound recording of the engine sounds of the BMW X5 xDrive30d, but only in the cabin, only in Sport mode and only at intensive acceleration.

7. Biturbo without pain

A lot of X5 owners are probably still waiting for a revolution in reliability to the gasoline turbo engine stopped drinking blood, and shake the nerves. And, it seems, such a change is also coming.

However, about updating the power units at the presentation in Atlanta, speakers from BMW, almost nothing is said — whether a busy schedule interfere with, or other priorities. But the new X5 has gone through a very serious improvement.

This summer all BMW engines meet environmental standards Euro 6d-TEMP, and for all petrol engines, this means the installation of particulate filters that were only used on diesels. But for diesel engines — equipment system urea injection in the catalytic Converter.

Also upgraded eight-speed automatic ZF (standard for all versions) and system xDrive, which now operates the clutch faster and more intelligent.

In Russia the most popular BMW X5 diesel xDrive30d (36% of sales in 2017), xDrive25d (33%) and xDrive40d (17%). Total data traffic in 2017 in the Russian market it was sold 6626 „x-fifth“

Petrol turborestore on „IKS-fifth“ survived the change of generations: instead of the engine N55B30, which put on a series F15 xDrive35i version is „modular“ engine N58B30, whose cylinder block is unified with the diesels. With the new motor X5 bears the designation xDrive40i. The fundamental difference in the configuration of the cylinder (the piston stroke and cylinder diameter are now 94,6/82,0 mm instead of 89,6/84,0 mm) working volume — 2998 cm3, instead of 2979, increased boost pressure and compression ratio (11,0:1 instead of 10.2:1), and the intercooler is not installed in the bumper and on the engine right before the intake manifold. Power was increased from 306 to 340 HP and torque is up from 400 to 450 Nm. To 100 km/h X5 xDrive40i should accelerate in 5.5 s.

Biturbomotor 4.4 ID N63B44 generations did not change, but underwent a complete reconstruction of the turbocharging system and lubrication — in order to get rid of the overheating in the inner part of the cylinder block, because of which these „eight“ boiled oil. Turbochargers now surrounded by new thermoeconomic, modified oil channels and the materials of which have been highway, suffering from overheating. However, the unit remained silumin in the ranks of the system Valvetronic and Double-VANOS, compression ratio increased (to 10.5:1) and the degree of force is also increased, because now „the eight“ on the xDrive50i version develops 450, and 462 HP.

A three-liter diesel engine in the xDrive30d and M50d versions also changed the generation now this series motors B57, which from the previous N57 diesel engines differ primarily in the common rail system third generation with piezo injectors and a pressure of 2500 bar, as well as electronics and control oil pump and cooling system. Diesel B57 — all aluminum, no liners. On versions X5 xDrive30d applied motor B57D30 that in Europe and the United States develops 265 HP, while Russia deforsirovan to 249 HP in version M50d — diesel B57D30С, which Russia will develop the same 400 HP, as in other regions.

That new motors with reliability in fact and are not threatened if they counter, we’ll know shortly after BMW will start sales in Russia, and it will happen on November 24. Price declared on them we have already written, but in short, the old X5 is still possible to buy at least 4.0 million rubles (without discounts), and the new X5 is available from 4 million 590 thousand. In General, the machine rose 350-760 thousand rubles, although the „hot“ modification M50d added only 70 thousand.

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