The representative of the relevant Department today announced that a tariff on Plato will not change until the end of the year.

Currently, the country has a system of charging owners of commercial transport, weighing over twelve tons, in the framework of movement on Federal roads. The system of Plato, began its work three years ago, and her start was far from positive reception, the rig long staged protests and strikes.

Yet Russia has preferential rate, which amounts to one ruble ninety cents per one kilometer. Recently been rumors that the benefits I want to cancel and raise a tariff that was to raise a storm of indignation. However, officials of the Federal road Agency, said that before the end of the year all prices in the system of Plato will remain the same.

Note that since the beginning of system operation until the beginning of this year it received forty-two billion rubles. In the system was about one million vehicles.

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