Representatives of the publication What Car made the list of the best used cars that operate on the basis of electric and hybrid propulsion. In total, the rating was ten cars.

In the first place Renault Zoe. Then BMW 330e, which in the secondary market asking 30 thousand dollars. Next settled the Honda CR-Z. It is possible to get over 7 thousand dollars, if the age of the car is more than 8 years.

Fourth and fifth place belongs to the Volkswagen Golf GTE and the Opel Ampera. The first costs 20 thousand dollars, and the second can be bought for 18-20 thousand.

Sixth place gave the Nissan Leaf due to the fact that replacing the battery in this car are quite expensive. This model follows the hybrid Toyota Prius. In the top three since the end turned out to be the Kia Soul EV with a price tag of 25 thousand dollars, the Audi A3 e-tron for 20 thousand dollars and the hybrid BMW i8, which will have to pay over 50 thousand dollars. However, the latter can be charged from the mains and as the basis to use the power of only one electric motor.

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